Recify LoogAs of November 2015, I’m Product Director for cloud software startup  We launched product January 2016.

I was the founder of which was acquired by provides a cloud-based project management application for large enterprises.

Before Recify, I consulted with software startups on product strategy, marketing, architecture and venture capital.   Previously, I held software product management and development positions at Conexant, Rockwell, Brooktree and Unisys.

My resume is on LinkedIn.



I’m the owner and FCC licensee of the 147.435 MHz amateur radio repeater on Santiago Peak in Southern California.   Many say “435” is the most famous amateur radio station in the world.   The repeater covers a population of roughly 20 million people in Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura counties in Southern California.  “435” has hundreds of users and thousands of listeners around the world.   It’s a citizen’s “free speech” repeater, so conversation includes intellectual, political, religious, and gutter.  In general, “435” is not for the easily offended or the faint of heart.

SCUBA Diving

roger-video-scooter-thumbI’ve enjoyed over 1,000 SCUBA dives around the world.  I was trained by GUE and UTD for cave, wreck, scooter (DPV), 300 foot deep technical diving, mixing trimix dive gas (Helium, Oxygen, Nitrogen) and rescue diving.   My underwater video has been featured in movies and television newscasts.

Social Media

My social media pages are:









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